Hindu organizations killed 13 Muslims: Ramalinga Reddy

Bengaluru: In response to BJP’S allegations that 26 RSS and BJP workers have been murdered in the last four years, Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy told the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that only nine Hindus have died during the said period because of communal issues.

Reddy claimed that out of 26 RSS and BJP workers who have been murdered only nine were killed because of communal violence. Rest of the 14 deaths were due to various reasons like personal enmity or suicides. He also said that Paresh Mesta and Santhosh’s murder was still under investigation and yet to categorised as political or communal murders.

In addition, Reddy also alleged that 13 Muslims had also been killed by the Hindu Organisations such as Sri Ram Sena, Bajrang Dal and VHP.

He also said that the 14 other deaths were due to various other reasons, including personal enmity or suicides. As the murders of Paresh Mesta and Santhosh were still under investigation, they could not be categorised as political murders yet, he said. Mentioning that the government had not discriminated against Hindus or Muslims, he said that cases registered against all innocent people, had been withdrawn.

Reddy also said that the government is considering making amendment in the Karnataka Police Act in order to affect the police transfer in two years to help improve investigations.

Reddy’s response disappointed the BJP and the BJP leaders trooped into the Legislative Assembly hall which led to the adjourning the House for the day by speaker KB Koliwad.

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