Hosapete: Hindu and Muslim youths break a fight during Shivaji Jayanti procession

Ballari: The city’s Hindu Jagaran Vedike workers and a group of Muslim youths broke out a violent conflict in the district’s Hosapete city on Monday afternoon. The incident took place during the Chhatrapathi Shivaji Jayanti procession carried out by the Vedike.

According to the sources, the fight started a Vedike worker tried to tie a flag to a pole and was thrashed by a group of Muslim youths. Angered by this, the Vedike workers started pelting stones to the nearby mosque and worsened the situation. The glass windows of the mosque were shattered into pieces. The two groups then started fighting and violence broke out.

The Vedike workers blocked the highway and the vehicles were halted. Traffic started piling up on the highway.

The police team lead by Assistant Commissioner Gargi Jain arrived at the spot immediately and tried to pacify the angry mob. They requested the protesters to call of the protest and remain calm. The situation was brought under control after huge efforts by the police.   

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