Doctor boyfriend kills nurse to avoid marriage

Belagavi: Two men including a doctor were arrested by the Belagavi police in association with murder of a young lady working as a nurse.

The accused are Sunil Vasudev Chauhan, a BHMS doctor from Ahmed Nagar and his brother Sanjay Vasudev Chauhan. The victim Punam Balasaheb Brahmani (22) a of Shakti Nagar, Ahmadnagar in Maharashtra native was a nurse by profession. Her dead body was found by the police on March 15 under Astoli Bridge in Khanapur. A case was also registered under 174(c) unnatural death.

But her parents suspected that their daughter was murdered. Based on this the police enlisted a case under Sec 302, 201 of Indian Penal Code and investigated the case.

Investigation uncovered that Sunil and his brother had forced Punam to come on an excursion to Goa and they pushed her off the bridge on the way, and thus killing her.

It is learned that Punam and Sunil were in relationship but Punam was insisting Sunil to get married to her. Sunil did not want to get married and hence planned this murder.

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