Operation Kamala commences

Bengaluru: The allegations that the BJP is trying to implement ‘Operation Kamala’, a method of poaching MLAs from the Opposition to boost its majority, seems to be true. The BJP might have begun the ‘operation’ on Wednesday as numerous Congress leaders were missing from the legislature party meeting.

Out of the 221 seats for which results have been declared, the BJP has won 104 seats, the Congress 78 and the JD(S) 38, and two Independents. Now, the BJP has to transcend the combined strength of the Congress-JD(S) alliance which holds 117 seats. For this purpose, the BJP would have to bring at least 16 MLAs from the rival camp onto their side. The party has to make the MLAs resign from their post and make sure that they do not vote during the floor test. This process of convincing MLAs from rival camps to resign and to contest the bypolls on a BJP ticket is known as Operation Kamala.

This method was used during the 2008 elections as well. This time, though, BJP leaders admit that it is quite a difficult task since a large number of MLAs have to be approached and influenced. But nevertheless, they seem confident of achieving their goal. While JD(S) chief Kumaraswamy alleges poaching from the BJP camp, actual efforts to ‘buy’ the support of MLAs would have begun by now.

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