Voters defeated the evils of caste politics: Ranjan

Madikeri: In spite of the BJP failing to form a government in the state, BJP MLA from Madikeri M P Appachu Ranjan went after the Congress and Janata Dal (S) at the victory rally organised here on June 4. 

Addressing the gathering, Ranjan said that the general population of the district had given a befitting answer by vanquishing the political parties that upheld the policy of caste based politics and astute use of party rebels. "The Congress and JD(S) were hellbent on overcoming me by using party revolutionaries and caste politics. It has unmistakably exploded all over", he said. 

Rajan additionally said thanks to the voters for choosing him as their representative. "Out of the six elections that I have battled, this was the most essential. The electorate bolstered me wholeheartedly and I am appreciative to them", he said. 

The Congress-JDS unholy coalition will last just for the following half year after which BJP would come to power under the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa, he anticipated.

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