HDK convinces garments factory workers to put off strike plan

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy, prevailing with regards to convincing laborers of garment factories, who had intended to go on strike demanding minimum wage payment. To examine the issue of considering their demands positively, he has called a meeting of garment factory owners and workers on June 18. 

"We wish that the garment factories continue to survive. In the meantime, factory laborers should not end up jobless. We have a free mind about taking a decision on this issue. I ask for the workers of the factories not to resort on any sort of strikes. This issue should have been settled in the past by having discussions between the factory proprietors and laborers. At the proposed meeting, we will have discussions on all issues bothering the concerned, and find a lasting solution," he guaranteed. 

He communicated his situation at not having the capacity to apply pressure on factory proprietors in which case there is a shot of workers getting headed to strikes. "In the meantime, I agree that just demands of workers should also be considered favourably. We will take concrete steps to meet genuine demands of workers including minimum wages of Rs 11587 per month as notified in the past," he stated.

Based on the affirmation given by the Chief Minister, the workers have briefly
withdrawn the strike they had intended to hold at Mandya on June 14.

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