Lingayats to hold 'Delhi Chalo' for separate religion

Bidar: The Bidar District Lingayat Samanvaya Samiti has cautioned on June 13, that it will hold a "Delhi Chalo" rally if the central government declined to give the free religion status to the Lingayats.

The declaration comes in the background of the association government restoring the state's proposal for concurring independent religion status to Lingayat. 

"An assignment including 30 pontiffs will soon be taken to Delhi to persuade Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the request of a different Lingayat religion", said Basavalinga Pattadavee, Convenor of the Lingayat Samanvaya Samiti. 

He said that the association would hold a meeting before going to Delhi to fasten a date to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "We will request the government to accord a different religion status on same lines from the Jain and Buddhist religions in India", he included. 

The Lingayat association additionally condemned the coalition government for not giving a bureau cabinet to M B Patil who had initiated the Lingayat fomentation for seperate religion. "In the event that the Congress high summon doesn't respond, we will teach a reasonable lesson in the following election", Pattadavee cautioned. 

He likewise disproved the cases that Veerashava-Lingayat groups were reconciling and joining together. "There is a hypothetical difference between the two groups. Both the Guru and the Dharma Granth are different. These groups can never be joined together", he said.

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