Traffic cop helps offenders for a cause, upholds humanity

Bengaluru: The episode happened on Tuesday June 12, when Lokesh K, a traffic head constable of Kumaraswamy Layout Traffic Police Station, was on duty at Sarakki Junction at around 5.30 pm. He spotted two students Uday and Dhanush riding bike without one of them wearing helmet. The two students of New Horizon College in Marathahalli had taken a friend's bike and were rushing towards Sagar Hospital in K S Layout. 

The cop stopped the bike and issued a challan of Rs 100 since the pillion rider was not wearing a helmet. He asked the students for what valid reason they were in rush and they disclosed to him that one of the relatives of their physical training teacher was in need of blood. They said that the patient was undergoing a surgery next day.

Lokesh decided to donate since blood group of the patient was the same as his, A+ve. Quickly he informed his senior at the spot and went beyond his duty to save a life. He went along with the students to the hospital. The blood was later traded with another hospital in Banashankari where the patient's surgery was directed the next morning. The surgery was said to be successful and the patient was stable. 

The respectable deed of the cop has been appreciated by all.

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