Man arrested for stealing milk from neighbour’s cow

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Tumakuru: In a very interesting case a thief was caught stealing milk directly from the udder of the cow of his neighbor. 

This incident of theft was accounted for from Kestoor in Tumakuru. Manjula, a villager of Kestoor has a cow. Despite the fact that she fed the cow to its stomach's full, it was not giving milk in the early morning. Whenever she got up early in the morning and tried to milk the cow, the udder of the cow would be empty. But, the cow used to give milk at night. Manjula had even got her cow treated by a veterinarian. But, there was no change in the circumstance. 

The family who got fomented by the event chose to watch the cow for the whole night to see whether anything strange happens in the night. To their articulate shock, they got the criminal, who was in charge of the vanishing of the milk from the udder of the cow. 

Rajanna, who was Manjula's neighbor used to enter the cowshed in the night and used to milk the cow and escape from the scene. He used to do this for a long time and the clueless woman didn't know about this. Rajanna used to take five liters of milk each day. Finally, Rajanna was caught and arrested by police of Kora police station.

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