BJP high command against Operation Lotus in Karnataka

Bengaluru: It is said that the national administration of BJP has sent clear guidelines to state leaders against attempting to shape the government in a rush, as it has cautioned about the likelihood of such an exertion bringing about loss of face for the party and its leaders. 

It is assembled that the high summon of the party has forewarned the leaders in Karnataka that there is plausibility of officials from different parties ganging up against BJP and drawing up a plan according to which they may dole out confirmations of bouncing over to the saffron party and pulling back the promises ultimately to humiliate BJP. Consequently, the BJP leaders here have been requested to be extremely cautious not to get captured off kilter. 

The leaders have detected that the ruling party leaders may at first act like indicating enthusiasm for joining the BJP, and afterward recording the discussions by utilizing modern technology in a bid to make the party face discomfiture. Along these lines, they have exhorted the local leaders to simply tune in to what the other party leaders need to state and after that hold interviews with senior leaders of the party before pushing forward. 

The central leaders feel that it would be fitting for their party to avoid endeavors to destabilize the state government and wait for differences between the coalition partner to widen with passage of time so that the government falls apart on its own. 

As different parties have ganged up against BJP and are attempting to manufacture an alliance together at the national level, there are odds of them enjoying distinctive strategies to trap BJP leaders.

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