Aadhaar-linked attendance system to be set up at BBMP

Bengaluru: The BBMP Administrative Standing Committee Chairman plans to get an Aadhaar-linked bio-metric attendance system to monitor employees attendence.

CR Lakshminarayana, Chairman, Administration and Reforms Committee of the BBMP recently said that he received several complaints of officials not abiding rules and not been regular in office during working hours. 

To ensure officials report to work and stay at their desks, the chairman has proposed to introduce Aadhaar-linked bio-metric attendance system for BBMP officials.

With this, the public can access the attendance of officials online and monitor their real-time availability in their chambers or departments, so that the public can plan their visits to meet these officials.

CCTV surveillance at officials’ chambers has been proposed to monitor the movements of officials. Said CR Lakshminarayana, “While the BBMP has introduced bio-metric attendance for pourakarmikas and it’s very strict to mark them absent if they miss marking attendance, there have been many complaints against the BBMP officials for not attending office regularly or in time. Also, I have observed that the officials have been working for just 4 to 5 hours a day. I want to propose an Aadhaar-linked bio-metric system so that the attendance of officials can be maintained and monitored effectively.”

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