IndiGo aircrafts nearly miss a mid-air crash over Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Two IndiGo airplane flying over Bengaluru with almost 330 passengers on board had a close miss from a mid-air crash after the programmed warning signal alarmed the pilots to make evasive move. 

According to the carrier's announcement, the TCAS-Resolution Advisory system was activated on two of the planes that were flying between Coimbatore-Hyderabad and Bengaluru-Cochin on July. 

The Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) is a safety feature on all business air ship that screens and alarms pilots about possible dangers of crash. The early cautioning system acts as eyes of the airplane continually communicating between transponders introduced on near-by places. It additionally proposes avoidance action (resolution advisory) for averting collision and maintaining the desired distance between two aircraft.

The Cochin-bound plane had 166 passengers on board while the other airplane headed for Hyderabad was conveying 162 passengers. 

IndiGo airplane likewise said that the issue has been reported to the directorate general of civic aviation (DGCA), the controller for civil aviation in the nation.

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