SIT team reveals accused plans to eliminate rationalist

Bengaluru: The SIT team, probing the murder case of journalist, activist Gauri Lankesh has hinted that her perpetrators might have plotted the murder of other intellectuals, considering the huge cache of firearms seized by the Maharastra ATS recently. Furthermore, they are of the belief that few of the gang members, who were a part of this plot are active even now.

The Maharastra ATS seized 16 pistols, most of which were procured only recently from the possession of Radha Vaibhav Rawat, Sudhanwa Gondholekar and Sharad Kalaskar. This is alarming as the intention of such large buying would be to kill more intellectuals within a short time span.

It is also doubted that out of the seized pistols, two may have been used to eliminate Narendra Dhabolkar, MM Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh. A forensic test report from the Gujarat Lab will reveal the truth in this theory.

Moreover, according to a source, Amol Kale, an accused in Gauri case has during the course of interrogations said that teams had been formed to eliminate other intellectuals.  

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