Gauri Lankesh murder: Another suspect arrested

Bengaluru: The Special Investigation Team who is probing into the murder case of Gauri Lankesh has reportedly tracked around 70 coin booths across the state to trace the murder trail.

It has been learnt that, one of the accused revealed about the coin booth conversation.

"Naveen who was arrested on 2, November 2017, from Maddur in Mandya had shared the details about Praveen. When police tracked Praveen, it was found that he used only the coin phones. He travelled a lot and opted to use a coin booth to ensure that nobody can track him. Police outsmarted him by following him across the state," said authorities.

"As many as 30 coin booths, which were used frequently by the accused were brought under the special surveillance. Police in civil dress kept vigil around these coin booths to monitor the phone callers," informed authorities.

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