Rowdy arrested on murder charges

Bengaluru: A rowdy was shot by the Banasawadi police when he attacked them and tried to escape.

The accused has been identified as Syed Suhail(22). He reportedly has around 15 criminal cases against him.

The police said that Suhail was moving suspiciously on a scooter around Banasawadi in the wee hours on Monday. When sub-inspector Sharath Kumar and constable Rafiq questioned him, he tried to to flee from the spot. When the police chased him, he got off his scooter and started attacking them with lethal weapons.

Sub Inspector Sharath Kumar was injured in the incident. 

Sharath Kumar fired in the air to warn him but later shot Suhail in his legs. Then later alerted at the control room. Additional forces arrived and captured him.

Suhail has been shifted to Bowring hospital. Sharath and Rafiq were also admitted to hospital.

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