Man tries to get married for the second time, thrashed at wedding hall

Mysuru : A married man's bid to enter wedlock for the second time was foiled when the relatives and friends of the groom came to know that he was already married on nick of the time. No sooner the relatives came to know of this, the groom was beaten black and blue in the marriage hall.

On Monday, February 23, the wedding of Prashanth, a moneylender from Ramakrishnanagar was scheduled with a girl from Doora village at a Kalyana Mantap in Visvesvara Nagar. Hours before the marriage the relatives came to know that Prashanth had a registered marriage with a girl about a week ago. Raged by this they barged into the hall and thrashed him. The marriage was then called off.

The parents alleged that Prashanth had also taken Rs 7 lac as dowry and also had sold land in the village for marriage expenses.

After much discussion Prashanth's relatives agreed to repay money to the bride's parents in two installments. 

Drafted by Chethana Gadiyar 

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