NOW OR NEVER! Push Your Pen - 'Environment theme' entry

Jessie was walking amidst a forest when she heard someone crying all of a sudden. She looked around,found no one. Perplexed, she turned around once again to find who it was and found a tree crying. She went to the tree and asked the reason for its misery. It said "I and all my friends and family have been very kind to the human beings.We have always been there with you in your sorrows and happiness. When you would feel low you would come out of the house,sleep on my lap and would share feelings with me.I would make you feel happy and fresh through the cold breeze. Whenever you felt bored,you would start swinging with my branches. Tree house was always your favourite house.I always bore you fruits at the right time. My flowers always enhanced your beauty. I always protected you from the scorching sun. At times many of my friends have even gone to the extent of laying down their lives to make you feel comfortable at home with beautiful furnitures. I would bring rains to hide your tears and to get you out of boredom.

Inspite of being so sweet to you all,why is it that we are murdered day by day? Did we harm you in any ways? Just like how you don't want to be prone to diseases,even we don't want to die by being sick. But because of the enormous amount of vehicles on the road,the pollution caused by it is killing us indirectly. We can resist it to some extent, but the little plants and animals are not able to resist it. Animals are getting extinct.By destroying us,you are doing great harm to all those little creatures who rely on us. Just like you used to do,the animals,birds and the other creatures used to play with us and enjoy their lives.Their basic requirements are being snatched by you. As a result of your actions,the homeless animals end up landing in your places of stay. You go around telling that the animals have encroached your land and your life is under danger. You then put them in cages. Imagine a situation wherein you are thrown out of your house and locked in a small room somewhere else. How do you feel? You won't be able to stay happily right! Thats what happens with them too. You were never this before. In the olden days we were always worshipped,we were taken care of. But now your lives have become self-centric. You wont be called rich if you don't own more than 2 houses or if you don't have more than two vehicles. Being rich by money matters more than being rich at heart. You are all so very educated, with big brains, who have a subject on environment and still you do this to us? We have warned you in all possible ways. Ask yourselves if you have been a responsible child of the mother nature who has given you so much expeceting nothing in return? By this treacherous act of destroying us,you are indirectly destroying yourself. You are killing the human in you. As you know, every action has a equal and opposite reaction.

By destroying us, you might lead a very comfortable life today but if you continue harming us,the doomsday will not be far away.You will be paying price for the all that you are doing to us. As our number goes down, there will be shortage of rain, which in turn will lead to shortage of water. There might soon be a day where you will have to go around searching for water. The temperature around will start increasing. Walking in the mornings will be nearly impossible because even we will be not there to give you shade from the sun. AC might seem like a solution for you today, but the adverse effects of it are much worser, which you will realise sometime very soon. By harming us you are indirectly digging a grave for yourself. All that I want to say is even we have life.The lives of all the creatures which support your life is under threat. You know that life can sustain on planet only when there is coordination between things. Everything on earth is correlated be it plants, animals, tress, human beings or any other
creatures. The absence of any of these creates imbalance. Our life is linked with yours. Absence of our presence will take away the essence of your life and your existence on this planet will soon be a story and no more reality."

The tree had poured its heart out to Jessie. Jessie,herself was an environmentalist. She was deeply concerned about nature’s beauty. She thought all of us write and read a lot about saving environment, nobody makes sincere efforts to save it. Today she felt an urge to take a serious step towards it.

She decided not to waste any paper.She decided to go on foot for small distances. She started growing plants. She promoted car pooling.She minimised the use of ACs. She educated others. She did her bit. She took a group of kids, to the forest near her house, spent some time with them there. When they went back home, they could really feel the difference. Nothing could replace the cold breeze, the beauty of nature they observed there. Even they felt need to do something. They joined hands with Jessie and vowed to protect the nature.

All of us have been Jessies once. We have heard the trees talking to us! Spare a minute more and lets ask ourselves. What have we done to save nature?! Lets try to pen down and I am sure we won't be able to write more than 4-5 sentences.Its high time we wake up. Because its now or never!!

By Swathi G Kamath

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