Circa 1969, Mr. T. Mohandas Pai and Mr. T. Satish U. Pai were planning on launching a Kannada daily newspaper from Manipal and on 5-11-1969 the project came to realisation with the launch of the trial version of “Udayavani”. Careful selection and presentation of the news, special columns with lucid, flawless and cultured language in an attractive layout, became the hallmarks of the newspaper and made a credible impact on the readers. The experimental issues continued till December and on the first day of 1970, i.e., 1-1-1970, the official issue of Udayavani was launched and the ‘Udayavani era’ began.

At the inaugural function held in the premises of Manipal Power Press, presided over by the legendary Dr. T.M.A. Pai, renowned poet Dr. M. Gopalakrishna Adiga, hailed as the poet who opened the eyes of the generation, released the formal issue of Udayavani - sixteen pages, priced at 10 paise - and wished that the paper must reach every nook and corner of Karnataka. His voice of prophecy soon became a reality.

When Udayavani was established in 1970 few could have imagined how one newspaper could have captured the imagination and the hearts of an entire region so effectively, such that four decades after its inception, readers still consider the paper as an integral part of their daily lives. Over the years, Udayavani - the first newspaper of Karnataka to adapt offset printing technology - has been acclaimed for its high quality content, unbiased journalism, extensive local coverage, neat layout and printing excellence.

Repudiating an old belief that only from large cities can a newspaper be published and also generate advertisement, Udayavani has made use of modern, state-of-the art machinery at its disposal and the relentless desire to prove itself by publishing from a rural and then-uninhabited Manipal.

From Cylinder Press to the latest Cityline Printing process, from linotype to modern day laser beam typesetting, from waiting for photos by post to downloading photos within minutes, from pasting in page-making to present day Indesign system, from black and white to multi-colour, Udayavani has witnessed all the changes in the field of technology and adopted the best of them.

Its use of technocracy was acknowledged not just in Karnataka but at the national level and won it the prestigious National Award for its pagination and printing excellence not once but several times thus securing Udayavani in the annals of Kannada journalism as the first ever newspaper to get such nation-wide recognition.

Starting with one edition from Manipal, today Udayavani publishes as many as five editions, additionally from Bangalore, Gulbarga, Hubli-Dharwad and Mumbai, making it not only the undisputed leader in Coastal Karnataka region but also giving it a reach across Karnataka and even outside.

Festivals being the soul of rural life, from its very inception, under the guidance Mr. T. Mohandas Pai and Mr. T. Satish U. Pai, the Udayavani Editorial Board successfully experimented with special supplements at the time of each festival and with deep insight and descriptive criticism narrated the propriety, significance and nobility of the festivals. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the Udayavani special supplements played a pivotal role in the cultural renaissance of Coastal Karnataka.

Since its inception, Udayavani has remained close to the readers due to its involvement in developmental activities which made the region prosper and playing a prominent role in promoting the literary tradition of Kannada, Tulu, Konkani and Byri. It has relentlessly pursued development initiatives of GOI for underdeveloped regions and raised the difficulties of the common man with the authorities through its pages.

Udayavani entered the State’s capital Bangalore in 1993 and then spread all over Karnataka – with regional editions – and in the year 2000 crossed the boundaries of the State by inaugurating an edition from Mumbai.

Always the first to lead the way in innovation, in 1997, Udayavani became the first Kannada e-paper and gained a new space among Kannada readers, especially among those residing in foreign countries. To further establish its quality-laden footprints in the digital domain, Udayavani launched its iPad App in 2010, its mobile platform through Newshunt in 2011, iPhone app in 2011 and its latest offering, an Android app in 2012.

From its very inception, Udayavani has established a fearless attitude of establishing the truth without any bias when presenting the news and managed to not only stay in tune with the changing interests and aspirations of its readers but become an intrinsic pillar of Karnataka culture over the last four decades. Today, Udayavani and MMNL still adhere to those ethics that made it literally, the ‘rising voice’ of the people as it charts its growth to become the voice of Karnataka.