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Presscart is serving people of Manipal since 35 years now. Ramesh Nayak, the owner’s father started this small food cart with his brother. this was the only food place back then near Udayavani press and everyone used to have their evening snacks, midnight tea in Press cart as they are open till the press is open i.e. 2am in the midnight. Press cart is not rigid with their menu. you can tell Anna how exactly you want your #CheeseKesto or masala bun. with cheese, with/without eggs, without onion, less oil the choice is yours. They make dishes that are close to our secret comfort level, our sofa time food like mixture and dhal mix, chakkuli thave, french toast and variety of it just from bread, bun, cheese, masala, mixture, dhal. Budget-friendly place. No food costs you more than 50bucks. Press cart opens at 3 pm and closes at 11pm (started closing early due to restriction in that area). closed on Sundays.

If you have had experience eating in Press Cart do write in the comments. This will definitely motivate the owners to serve you more…

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