Unlimited ಮೀನ್ ಊಟ | The Famous Thimmappa Fish Meal Hotel @Adi Udupi ಖಾದ್ಯ ಖಜಾನೆ

Yes. Unlimited Rice and curry served here in Hotel Timmappa and you only pay for the fish fry and fish masala of your choice! #HotelTimmappa at Adi #Udupi is serving the #fishmeal from decades. It is a feast for seafood lovers, Fish fry served here are very fresh and tasty.. The restaurant gets crowded during peak hours i.e. 12pm to 2pm. The lunch menu is fixed – white/red rice, vegetarian curry, pickles & at least 3 to 4 varieties of fried fish. They serve food on Plantain leaf. The rice with fish curry is unlimited. They serve pan-fried masala mackerel, Kingfish, and many other local fishes for a very affordable price. this hotel is so famous that actors like Nivin Pauly had lunch along with his movie team in recent past craving fresh seafood meal..

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Keep Eating Keep Watching #ಖಾದ್ಯಖಜಾನೆ

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