Vada Pav – The Indian Burger @Manipal Vada Pav Centre | ಖಾದ್ಯ ಖಜಾನೆ

Vada Pav – Its a hugely popular street food in India and has its origins in the state of Maharashtra. With almost every resident, from factory workers to college students to Bollywood stars, unabashed in declaring their love for it. More than two million of these crispy, flavourful sandwiches are consumed in India’s financial capital and largest metropolis every single day. Manipal’s vada pav centre is serving people with fresh vada pavs, Bajji Bonda, Mirchi Bonda sooooo onnnn…and d is run since years by a local residing family of the city. Manipal Vada Pav is near tiger circle..

Go Grab Today 🙂 Thank you for watching…. Keep Eating Keep Watching ಖಾದ್ಯ ಖಜಾನೆ

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