12 days- 124 cases of dengue reported in the district

Team Udayavani, Jul 13, 2019, 4:43 PM IST

Mangaluru: As many as 124 cases of Dengue fever have been confirmed in  Dakshina Kannada district in a short span of 12 days between the period of July 1 to 12. Currently, 30 people are being treated in various hospitals and recovering.

“Around 400 people reported of having Dengue like fever in the district. However, only 124 were confirmed cases. Till Thursday, 39 people were being treated in different hospitals. Now nine people are discharged and 30 are still on medication. All are on the verge of recovery,” informed district surveillance officer Dr Naveenchandra Kulal.

Dr Kumar pointed out that there were rumours that that three students of a private high school in the city are infected with Dengue, but there there is no clear cut information on this matter. Nonetheless, enquires are being made regarding the same.

“Places like Kadri, Bengre and Bunder of the city have become breeding grounds of mosquitoes due to which, there is more risk of the spreading of epidemics like Dengue and Malaria.  Citizens should avoid water logging in areas around their house and apartments. Mosquitoes will breed in both sewage water as well as clean water. Mosquito net should be used during night. Neem oil should be applied to the body,” applealed the doctors.

Directing Mangaluru City Corporation to destroy mosquito breeding places, Zilla panchayat CEO Dr Selvamani asked the corporation to monitor continuously areas of the city corporation where incidents of malaria and dengue are more.

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