18,351 tourists in two months!

Team Udayavani, Feb 28, 2019, 10:21 AM IST

  • Rise of foreign tourists in the coastal city

Mangaluru: Amidst the growing statewide popularity of the coastal city Mangaluru in tourism, more than expected numbers of tourists from Europe, America and other countries are visiting the port city and it seems as if the future of tourism in Karavali is progressing beyond expectations.

18 ships have visited New Mangalore Port since Jan 1st to Feb 27th this year and a total of 18,351 tourists have visited Mangaluru. This is the latest record till date. As per the available information, what is worth noting is that 6 more tourist ships will be visiting the port next month and 4 more ships are expected to call on the port in the month of April. In this way the city can be considered as a tourist heaven on the part of the visiting tourists.

Last year, the port as called on by 22 tourist ships and a total of 24,258 tourists had visited Mangaluru city. Of the visiting tourists, most were senior citizens over the age of 55. Tourists from various parts of the world were there. Along the west coast, tourist ships visit Mumbai, Goa, Mangaluru and Cochin ports. In 2016, the union government simplified the process of giving VISA to foreign tourists through e-VISA, which was made available at the ports. Since then there has been a rise in tourist numbers says the information provided by NMPT officials.

Temple. Beach-church visit

In a single day, the foreign tourists visit the temples at Kadri, Kudroli, Mangaladevi, St Aloysius Chapel, St Aloysius museum, Milagres church, Sultan Battery, Tannirbavi, Kulshekar cashew factory, malls in the city, thousand pillar temple at Moodbidri, Soans farm and Pilikula Nisargadhama. Through the help of the district tourism department, along with roaming around in the city, there are tourists who have already selected a tour package and those who explore through bus, rickshaw and cycles to various locations.

Country’s first information centre

DK district administration recently started a tourist information centre at the cruise lounge in New Mangalore Port. Every year, more than 30 ships call on the port and more than 35,000 foreign tourists from various countries including France, Germany and Russia visit the city. This is first of its kind kiosk in the country and an action plan has been created for its complete effective use. Through the fully equipped tourist information centre by the district tourism development committee information is provided to the tourists and a pre-paid taxi counter has been provided to make it convenient for the tourists to visit the tourist location at a minimum price.

More number of foreign tourists

“In the recent day, more foreign tourists are visiting Mangaluru. In order to provide information to the visiting tourists an information centre has been created by the district tourism department. Besides, foreigners visit various places within Mangaluru limits through private agencies, “informed Udaya Kumar Shetty, Tourism Department Officer

Article by Dinesh Ira translated into English by Aaron Dmello

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