29 more dengue cases identified

Team Udayavani, Jul 24, 2019, 11:49 AM IST

Mangaluru: A drastic rise in dengue cases is being witnessed in Dakshina Kannada district with as many as 29 more persons getting admitted into different hospitals in the district with dengue-like symptoms on July 23.

Among the total 29 new cases reported in the district, the majority amounting to 26 are from the city, while one is from Sullia and the remaining two are not from the district. It may be noted that around 163 have got admitted into various hospitals for suspected dengue since July 18 of which, 19 are from the district.

Meanwhile the district administration, health department and Mangaluru City Corporation have been putting in concerted efforts to bring dengue fever under control through fogging and spreading awareness by visiting door to door.

Precautionary measures

In its effort to bring the outbreak into control, the officials continued to scout for mosquito breeding centres created by under-construction buildings and penalize the builders and contractors. A penalty of Rs 45,000 was collected on Tuesday resultant to the strict order by the DC to act against buildings and commercial centres irresponsibly allowing stagnant water thereby leading to the breeding of mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, the additional chief secretary of the state government and in-charge secretary for Dakshina Kannada, B H Anil Kumar, has asked the officials to take every step to control spread of dengue. He also asked that the activities already being taken against spread of infectious diseases to be intensified.

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