32-yr-old youth falls to death while working in farm

Team Udayavani, Jul 11, 2019, 7:09 PM IST

Kundapur: A 32-year-old youth was killed after he lost his balance and fell into a 20-feet trench while working in a farm at Gangemane of Hakladi village in Kundapur taluk.

The deceased has been identified as Yogendra (32), resident of Gangemane.

Yogendra’s dead body was found by his family members on Thursday morning a day after he did not return home after leaving to work on the farm on Wednesday afternoon. His body was found below the piece of wooden log, stuck in the gorge some 20-feet below the cement pathway.

He is survived by his wife and parents.

Gangolli police have registered a case in this regard.

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