AI employee hospitalised after IndiGo bus hits him at B’luru airport’s tarmac

Team Udayavani, Feb 25, 2019, 4:55 AM IST

Bengaluru: An IndiGo bus carrying passengers to an aircraft rammed into an Air India (AI) employee, injuring him seriously, at the Bengaluru airport on Saturday evening, according to a senior official of the national carrier.

However, IndiGo, in a statement, on Sunday, February 24 said the AI staff received minor injuries in the incident.

The senior AI official said, “Shiv Shankar, a young contractual employee of the AI Engineering Services Limited, was returning to the terminal after despatching our Bengaluru-Male flight AI265. The IndiGo bus hit him and he was dragged for some distance before the bus stopped.” 

He added that Shankar suffered serious injuries in the incident, including a lumbar (vertebrae of spine) fracture. “He is in the hospital and all of us are praying for his recovery,” he said.

IndiGo, the largest airline in India in terms of passenger market share, on Sunday stated: “IndiGo confirms the incident involving a ferry coach hit at Bangalore airport on February 23 before the departure of 6E2808. The staff escaped…with minor injuries.” 

The standard time of departure of 6E2808 was 6.55 pm from Bengaluru to Delhi.

IndiGo added: “Concerned authorities have been notified and an investigation is currently in progress with full cooperation from IndiGo.

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