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Decision to honour during the driver’s day in Nov

Aaron D’mello, Oct 21, 2019, 8:10 AM IST

Mangaluru: The transport department has come up with a new scheme to select eligible 20 working drivers in the two coastal district, who have discharged their duties honestly and without causing any accidents and honour them with a cash price of Rs 25,000 per head.

The state government has decided to celebrate driver’s day in November with the aim to identify the good service given by the drivers of various sectors in the state. Those eligible for the award include maxicab drivers, bus, goods, taxi and auto rickshaw drivers. Altogether 20 drivers will be selected from the twin districts in the way of 2 driver per sector based on their honesty and accident free driving and will be honoured with a cash price of Rs 25,000.

The selection will be conducted by the district road safety committee. There are more than 5,000 drivers working in various sectors, including around 2,000 bus drivers in both the districts.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for the award demands the possession of a driver’s license, age limit of 45 years, 20 years of clear DL without getting suspended, no road accidents and no police case.

Selection by the district road safety committee

The selection will be conducted by the transport department through the recognized maxicab, bus, goods vehicle, taxi and auto rickshaw unions in the twin districts. Hence, the identified associations must provide a list containing the details of the eligible candidates post which, RTO will verify the details and documents relating the recommended candidates. Later, the district road safety committee under the leadership of the deputy commissioner of the district will select 2 drivers from each sector for the award.

Action after getting proper information

Proper information will be collected from the transport department regarding the selection of the eligible candidates based on their honesty and accident-free service and the provision of the cash prized along with the award next month. Information regarding the eligible candidates will be collected from the local vehicle association and the district road safety committee will select the eligible candidate – Ramakrishna Rai, RTO, Udupi, Additional RTO, Mangaluru

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