Election work successful amidst questions

Team Udayavani, May 26, 2019, 1:22 PM IST

During the Lok Sabha election, the district election officials team has very successfully handled all the phases of voting and vote counting. Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil is chiefly responsible for the successful holding of this time’s election. He spoke with Udayavani in connection to this event in a special interview.

What is your opinion regarding the successful management of the Lok Sabha elections?

The election has been successful because of the good work put in from the initial BLO to the officials of all the phases. Voters as well as the leaders of political parties have also joined hands in the success of the election. I am very happy that the election has been conducted as a festival of democracy.

How did you handle the various problems that rose in the city amidst the elections?

When the election was in effect, although there was no opportunity for new projects, there was no problem regarding the continuation of the work of already implemented works. But, since drinking water became a major problem for the city, it required special attention. Additionally, desilting work had to be carried out on storm drains to face the monsoon. It was possible because of the existence of capable officials.

What questions, mentionable incidents occurred while facing the election this time?

Even though there were different types of questions, they cannot be mentioned. The questions here handled as per the situation. The election programme has been conducted successfully amidst the questions.

Meanwhile, because of the proper arrangement of food and other facilities for the officials at the polling booths, a few officials visited me after the elections and wished me well. I am happy about it. Besides, officials of various levels, police officials did not return back to their homes during the night and remained involved in the election process and it is worth mentioning.

What do you think of the increase in the voting numbers in the district?

The amount of voting has increased because of the special importance given by the voters in the district. Good voting has occurred since the voters joined hands with the district administration. The work of the media and the work on spreading awareness regarding voting is appreciable.

Within a few months of the conclusion of Lok Sabha elections, Mangaluru City Corporation elections are due; hence will the preparations being in this regard?

Election is a major action of democracy. Therefore all the elections will occur according to their respective timelines. Currently, the administration officer of the corporation is in power. Hence, he will be delivering the responsibilities in this connection and the next step will be kept in accordance to the direction of the Election Commission.

“The disciplined campaigning by all the parties is special”

According to you, how have the various political parties in the district responded for the peaceful conduction of the election?

Almost like the specialty of the district, all parties have participated in their respective party campaigns in a disciplined manner. Comparing this with other places makes it worth noticing. From the moment the elections were announced, all the political parties here have been providing proper response to all the schedules of the district administration. Therefore it was possible to conduct special campaign programmes. In case of other districts, the party people assure that they are with the district administration, but do not participate. But DK district is an exception to this. Parties have participated in all the occasion that the district administration has called for.

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