First PUC textbooks have not yet reached the market

Aaron D’mello, Jun 17, 2019, 3:27 PM IST

Karkala: First PUC classes have begun on May 20th, but the students have not yet received textbooks. Because of this, they are compelled to inevitably depend on Xerox copies. Although 27 days have passed since the college began, the students, parents and teachers are facing unnecessary trouble due to this lack of essential materials.

PUC textbooks are printed by the government and then supplied to the book shops. Since 2014, the textbooks were being printed without any change in the curriculum. But this time, the textbooks have not been supplied and hence are not available at the book stores.

No clarity

When enquired with the books sellers they inform that other than language textbooks, no other textbooks have been supplied. They do not have a proper answer regarding when the textbooks may arrive.

Science students in trouble

The lack of textbooks is majorly affecting the science students. The possibility of them procuring the textbooks form older students is low since the textbooks are necessary for the preparations for CET, NEET and other competitive entrance exams. Thus, the students pursuing science are facing much trouble.

Problem at residential colleges

In residential colleges, the textbooks are normally provided to the students by the institution itself. Since most of the students at these colleges are from other districts, such colleges will find it hard to supply them with the books. For example, if there are 350 students pursing 1st PU at a residential college, it will be tedious to provide as much number of books to the students at once.

The textbooks are being printed at four locations in the state. The books are also being supplied to the book stores. Even though small problem is seen regarding the supply of the textbooks, the students and parents need not worry,” informs Subramanya Joshi, Deputy Director of Pre-University Education, Udupi

Supply for colleges

“Similar to the textbooks being supplied by the government to primary and high school, the government will also supply textbooks to the colleges as per admission numbers,” says Raksha Sampya, a student.

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