Honda Dio crossed 30 lakh sales unit globally

Team Udayavani, May 9, 2019, 4:03 PM IST

Honda Dio has marked an impressive sales count of over 30 lakh units globally in which half the number (15 lakh units) has been sold in the last three years alone. Dio is one among the successful scooters of Honda since its launch in the year 2002. It is the fourth largest selling scooter in India with an export market share of 44% in the scooter segment.

Commenting on this impressive sale of Dio, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, HMSI Pvt. Ltd., said, “With its 17 years of legacy, the Dio remains fresh as ever while celebrating the spirit of youthfulness. Convenient features and stylish looks make it a perfect partner for youngsters of today – not just in India but in International markets as well.”

Dio is a 110cc scooter which gets a single-cylinder engine with Honda Eco Technology (HET). The engine churns out peak power and torque figures of 7.92hp at 7000rpm and 8.91Nm at 5500rpm respectively. Dio features a Sporty Graphics with dual-tone colours and a Trendy Instrument Panel with a fully digital meter. Other goodies include unique LED Headlamp and Position Lamp, 4-in-1 lock with seat opening switch, Mobile charging socket, CBS with Equalizer and so on.

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