Karavali receives good rainfall; Weak initial monsoon expected

Team Udayavani, Jun 12, 2019, 11:56 AM IST

Huge waves, sea erosion, houses in danger at Kaiko

Mangaluru: The arrival of monsoon along Karnataka’s coast is expected to be delayed due to the depression in atmospheric pressure created near Lakshadweep Islands, forecast the Meteorological Department and added that the less than normal rains are expected during this month.

Normally, monsoon enters Karnataka within couple of days of its entering Kerala, resulting in heavy rainfall. However this time, the cyclone has played spoilsport and weakened the monsoon making it arrive to Karavali on June 12 or 13th. Good rain for two to three days is expected once the monsoon hits karavali, informed the department which also warned of possibly gusty wind along the coast today.

The drop in atmospheric pressure on Tuesday led to rainfall in Dakshina Kannada district with the city receiving rainfall with intermittent gaps. The sea has turned tumultuous hence, the lifeguards have been kept on high alert and tourists have been asked to stay clear of the sea. Almost all the taluks in the twin-districts received good rainfall, with thunder and lightning being reported from a few areas.

Sea erosion

Over 40 houses in Ullal are facing imminent danger from sea erosion while 10 houses at Someshwar Uchila have suffered partial damages. Huge waves have uprooted over 50 trees. The areas facing grave concern have been visited by Assistant Commissioner Ravichandra Nayak, Ullal Municipal Commissioner Srinivas Murthy, Tahsildar Gurprasad and others. Sea water is getting diverted towards the city as it has started flowing into the main drain at Chitrapur. There is a possible threat of artificial floods at low-lying areas near the sea. A lightning strike claimed the life of a pregnant cow belonging to Kambaladadda Shivappa Poojary, resident of Anantadi, Vittal.

Areas affected by sea erosion in Ullal and Uchila will be visited by minister U T Khader and MP Nalin Kumar on Wednesday June 12.

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