Konkan Railways: Electrification by 2020

Increased speed, safety and savings

Aaron D’mello, Apr 10, 2019, 8:22 AM IST

Udupi: Soon, Konkan railways too will be plying similar to the speeds of the trains plying in metro cities like Mumbai. The entire railway route here is undergoing electrification in accordance to the direction of Indian Railway Council.

The electrification work covering a distance of 320 kms from Thokur in Mangaluru to Verna in Goa is being carried out at the coat of Rs 800 crore and is expected to be completed by 2020.

The electrification work commenced in September 2017. The work between Thokur and Bijur has reached final phases. Experiment has been carried out by passing electricity along this route. The work from Bijur to Verna is in progress. Work from Verna to Roha is being undertaken and has reached final phases at Vir.

Earlier diesel was being used. Much time was wasted fueling the engines due to which there were delays. Konkan Railway Council has taken this important decision to save both, money and time.

Increased speed

Presently, Matsyagandha express train leaves Mangaluru Central Railway Station at 2:35 pm in the afternoon and reach Lok Manya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai the next day at 6:35 am in the morning. It takes about 16 hrs of journey to cover a distance of 835 kms. The average speed of the locomotive is 45-50 kms/hr. During the monsoon, an additional To-and-half hours of journey is required. Post electrification, the train will be plying at the speed of 85-105 kms/hr which will make it convenient for the passengers.

Profit expectation

Even though crores of rupees have been spent on the electrification of Konkan railways, it will only lead to profits. Crores of rupees spent of fuel will now be saved. Currently, 60,000 liters of fuel is filled for the diesel locomotive of which 1,000 is reserved.

Completion within 2020

“The electrification work from Thokur to Bijur is mostly in its final phase. The work from Bijur to Verna is in progress. It will be completed by February 2020,” informed Balasaheb B Nikham, Regional Manager, Konkan Railway, Karwar

  • The first electrified train route in India was from Victoria Terminus to Kurla Harbour which started function on Feb 3rd 1925
  • Of the 108 sections in Indian Railways, 13,675 kms of rail routes have been aimed to be electrified. Due to this, the yearly expense of Rs 13,510 crore on fuel will be saved.

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