KSRTC planning for electric buses

Project to start with zero investment in association with a foreign based company

Aaron D’mello, Sep 11, 2019, 8:03 AM IST

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Mangaluru: Even while discussions are being held throughout the country regarding the use of electric vehicles, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, which is considered to be the best transport corporation in the country is planning to function zero investment electric hybrid buses from it various divisions.

The state government has held talks with abroad based companies in this regard and if everything goes as planned, this project will signed officially in a couple of months. As per the new proposal, the foreign based company will bear the investment cost as well as the purchase and maintenance of the buses. KSRTC will only be responsible for the appointing of the bus driver and conductor. The salaries of the appointed staff will also be paid by the company.

The foreign based company has already place forth this proposal with various other states in the country and have already held talks with the new state transport minister. As per the proposal, the income from the venture will be shared 60/40 by KSRTC and the company respectively. Presently, government level discussions are being held regarding the various possibilities.

50 buses through ‘FAME’ India scheme

“On one hand, if it a zero investment  project, the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises has already agreed to provide subsidy to KSRTC for procuring 50 electric buses under its ‘Fame ‘ India scheme. Decision has also been taken to provide subsidy for intra and inter city transportation under the same scheme according to which, the electric buses will be procured on contract bases and then used. The tender process will be started soon,” informed KSRTC officials to ‘Udayavani’.

Experiment in Assam

Currently, Assam State Transport Corporation has come forward to run the buses through the zero investment model with the foreign company. Observing the system being applied there, KSRTC is considering to start a similar electric bus service here.

Talks regarding the operations has been held with the foreign company. Discussions are being held regarding the possibilities of the project. According to this, the investment the revenue will be shared 60:40 by KSRTC and the foreign company – Laxman Savadi, Transport minister

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