Lok Sabha election: Good voter turn out in Dakshina Kannada

Team Udayavani, Apr 18, 2019, 3:02 PM IST

Mangaluru: Scores of people were seen at the polling booths throughout the district on Thursday April 18th.  The people had come before the commencing of the voting at 7 am and waited for their turn in a line.

Congress and JD(S) candidate Mithun Rain and BJP candidate Nalin Kumar contesting for Mangaluru Lok Sabha constituency cast their votes at Government Girls High School in Balmatta and St Aloysius English Medium School at Urwa respectively.

Nalin spoke with the media after casting his vote and said, “People voluntarily came towards polling booth and cast their vote standing in long queues. I have never seen these scenes in any elections so far. It shows they have faith in the democratic process,” he said.

Former minister B Ramanath Rai cast his vote at Kallige village while DK district In-charge minister U T Khader cast his vote at Boliar (ward no 1).

48.85% voter turnout has been registered in Dakshina Kannada district up till 1pm. The voter percentage turnout for the same time at the Assembly constituencies is 48.55% in Moodbidri, 47.24% in Mangaluru North , 43.34% in Mangaluru South, 45.8% in Mangaluru (Ullal), 50.60% in Bantwal,  51.66% in Puttur and 48.36% in Belthangady.  Sullia has recorded the highest turnout at 53.13%.

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