Mini Vidhana Soudha building inside college campus: Hebri govt college students oppose

Complaint submitted to Lokayukta

Team Udayavani, Oct 19, 2019, 10:56 AM IST

Udupi: The students of the Government First Grade College (GFGC) Hebri, are opposing the construction of Mini Vidhana Soudha at the college campus.

“As much as 25.12 acres of government land is available in the college campus. Out of which five acres of vacant land is earmarked for the construction of taluk office. But this will distract college students and as there are many more developmental works to be done in the college campus, the space is also needed. Let it be reserved for the college development purpose,” demanded Sumanth Shetty, president of Student Cultural Forum, GFGC Hebri addressing the press meet at Udupi press club here on Friday, October 18.

“The occupied land is leveled recently but now the work is stalled. The students of the college are objecting to the building of Mini Vidhana Soudha in the college campus,” said Mr Shetty.

“Earlier the occupied land was sanctioned by the government for undertaking some development work of the college. But without the sanction of any government funds, how can a college take up construction work? Now the district administration has issued withdrawal order. A total of 11.35 acres of land was identified at Chara village in Hebri for the purpose of building taluk office. But now the decision is changed.”

“This is the only government college in Hebri that is imparting quality education. The college management is planning to open BBM course here, which needs additional buildings and class rooms for higher education. The college development committee has decided to have separate library room, gym, sports ground, guard rest room, hostel and so on. If the taluk office will come up here, it will divert the attention of students. Let it be reserved for exploring the educational building for future,” he demanded.

“We do not have any objection, if the taluk office is built outside the college campus. There is vacant land in the old community health center premises near Hebri bus stand. Let them use it for this purpose,” he recommended.

Complaint to Lokayukta

“There is political motive behind the act. Even local MLA is not showing much interest in opposing the order. Every year the strength of the college is increasing. Around seven acres of government land was occupied and it remained without the notice of anyone. I have applied to Lokayukta and filed a complaint on October 1 regarding this case. If they continue the construction work, the villagers will hold protest. Political issues should not interfere in educational institutions.” warned Shridhar Shetty from Hebri.

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