MP man buys Honda Activa and pays Rs 83,000 in coins, dealership takes over 3 hours to count

PTI, Oct 26, 2019, 4:21 PM IST

The Diwali season is upon us and while it makes for an auspicious time to go out and buy yourself a new vehicle, one certainly wouldn’t have expected to buy one only with coins. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, a resident of Satna district in Madhya Pradesh too wanted to buy himself a new scooter and zeroed in on the latest Honda Activa 125. The way he purchased it, however, is unique, to say the least.

Rakesh visited the Krishna Honda dealership in Panna Naka, Satna and paid the entire amount with just coins, with most of them being coins of Rs 5 and 10. The dealership took over 3 hours to count all the coins. Also, Rakesh had opted for the top variant of the Honda Activa 125 which comes with disc brakes and alloy wheels which cost him Rs 83,000 (on-road, Satna, Madhya Pradesh). And yes, this entire amount was paid for with just coins.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) had recently launched the new Activa 125 in India which is now BS-VI emission norm compliant and has been priced at Rs 67,490 for the standard variant, Rs 70,990 for the alloy wheel variant and Rs 74,490 for the top-end disc brake variant (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

Apart from a few mechanical tweaks to the engine, such as the introduction of new programmed fuel injection, to meet with the new emission norms, Honda has retained most of its features from the previous generation. A few tweaks that make its way into the BS-VI variant comes in the form of a restyled LED positioning in headlamps, a front chrome chest and embossed Activa 125 logo on the taillight.


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