New Year’s eve: 26 cases booked in DK

Team Udayavani, Jan 2, 2019, 3:58 AM IST

Drinking and driving on the night of the New Year

Mangaluru: The traffic police have booked cases against 26 persons on the charges of driving under the influence of alcohol on the night of the New Year.

The police conducted vehicle inspection at Ladyhil, Lalbhag, Nanthoor Junction, Kankanady, Pumpwell, A B Shetty Circle, Kottara Chowki and other places in the city and during that time, 26 persons were caught for driving under the influence of alcohol.

ACP K Manjunath Shetty of the traffic division led the operation

Under the guidance of police commissioner T R Suresh, DCP’s Hanumanthraya, Uma Prashanth, ACP’s and inspectors were conducting the operations until late into the night.

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