Sea erosion at various locations; Battappady beach road facing imminent danger

Team Udayavani, Jul 22, 2019, 7:52 AM IST

Ullal/Malpe/Byndoor: The sea erosion at Someshwar Uchila has continued and the Ucchila Battappady beach road is on the verge of being claimed by the sea.

There exists a barrier created at Battappady for the construction of a permanent solution to sea erosion at Ucchila. However, this has led to severe sea erosion at another part of Battappadi. In the backdrop of the electricity poles here facing imminent danger of being washed away by the sea, power supply here was stopped on Saturday and Sunday. The electricity poles were also shifted from the danger side of the road to the safer side.

The sea has turned extra rough at Malpe and Kodibengre. The violent sea has churned water, with the silt deposited on the sea being exhumed making the water turns black. Byndoor has been facing a continuous downpour and the sea is expected to remain violent tomorrow as well, inform the fishermen.

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