Setback to river tourism development  

Plans still stuck in files

Aaron D’mello, Jul 21, 2019, 4:25 PM IST

Mangaluru: The various plans to develop tourism along the river banks have faced a setback with no funds being released for this purpose.

The proposal submitted to the state government for the creation of 13 jetties on the banks of Netravati and Phalguni Rivers in the city are still remaining stuck in the files. Along with this, two years have passed since approval was received for various developmental works to be undertaken at Tannirbavi and Sasihitlu beaches in Mangaluru under the union governments ‘Swadesh Darshan Coastal Tourism Circuit’. However, the funds for the same have not yet been released.

The proposal for the construction of 13 jetties at the cost of Rs 26 crore had been submitted to the State Tourism Department. The locations for the jetties included near Kuloor bridge along Phalguni river, this bank of Bangrakuloor river, Sultan Battery, near Tannirbavi at Kuloor north sandy area, old port, Kasba Bengre, old port near the ferry service, near Bengre sand feet, near old ferry at Jeppinamogaru on Netravati river bank, near Ullal old ferry and at Sasihitlu estuary.

The river festival which was organised in January at Kuloor along the Phalguni River successfully attracted scores of tourists. After this, two institutions were also given the permission to conduct water adventure sports at Phalguni River. But since there is no functional jetty here, it is getting really tedious to conduct water sports properly here.

Swadesh Darshan remains unimplemented

The central government had created ‘Swadesh Darshan Coastal Tourism Circuit’ in 2015-16 with the aim to provide encouragement to tourism along the coast. To take profit of this scheme, the state tourism department selected Tannirbavi and Sasihitlu beaches from DK district and submitted a project report to the union government concerning the various developmental works at the cost of Rs 25,35,79,000.

Under the scheme, many development works at the two beaches including the provision of facilities were proposed at the cost of Rs 25.35 crore. Almost a year has passed by since the approval was given for the proposal, but not a dime has yet been released. Since no funds have come for the same, the plans for the development of the beaches have remained stuck in a file.

The proposal

The proposal including the a Tourist Facilitation Centre and a lifeguard training school at the cost of Rs 4.23 crore, 49 benches at various locations for the tourists to seat at the cost of Rs 11.09 lakh, 4 lifeguard watch tower at the cost of Rs 19.45 lakh, solid waste management unit at the cost of Rs 4.01 lakh, public service facilities at the cost of Rs 31.13 crore, installation of solar street lights at the cost of Rs 20 lakh, installation of CCTV cameras at the cost of Rs 40 lakh, beach cleaning equipment at the cost of Rs 75 lakh, water sports equipment at the coast of Rs 1 crore, walkie-talkie, hand mic, control system and beach maintenance unit at the coast of Rs 20 lakh, beach marshal vehicle at the coast of Rs 10 lakh, lifebuoy, safety tube, safety bed at the cost of Rs 15 lakh, cubical shower block at the cost of Rs 20 lakh and construction of floating jetties near Kuloor bridge, sultan battery and Bangra Kuloor at the coast of Rs 4.80 crore.

Waiting for approval

A proposal has already been sent to the state tourism department with the aim to encourage tourism at Phalguni and Netravati rivers by constructing floating jetties and providing basic facilities. We are waiting for the approval. There is an expectation that water tourism will gain traction in the coming days with the development of basic facilities along the river banks – Sasikanth Senthil, Deputy Commissioner, DK

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