Sudden appearance of “Lee Well” at Bolar causes curiosity!

Team Udayavani, Oct 26, 2019, 4:27 PM IST

Mangaluru: A centuries old Lee-well at Bolar in the city whose mouth was covered decades ago has suddenly opened up and caused quite a curiosity.

The city corporation has decided to write a letter to the archaeology department to provide information on the well including any documentation or historical significance. Only after a response from the department will the corporation will take a decision on what to do with the well.

Amidst this, as the road containerization work was in progress, the mouth of the well collapsed open suddenly and it is said that, learning of this new incident, locals came to the spot to get a curious gaze of the well. However now, the police have installed barricades around the hole as a precautionary measure, but the road concretization work nearby is still in progress. the area has a bus stop and is surrounded by shops and buildings.

A little land on one side of the place where the well exists collapsed on Thursday and remained so on Friday.

“During the time of the British Raj, a well was constructed near the temple at Bolar. It is said that the well was constructed by a British Officer named Lee. Hence the area got the name Lee-Well. But several years later, the well was closed by dumping garbage and mud into it. Later, a tar road was constructed on top of it. Several years ago, the city corporation built a bus stop near it,” explains a local shopkeeper to ‘Udayavani’.

“My father had seen Lee-well. It is said that then, a katte existed above the well. Then, there was very minimal vehicle moment here too. Some have even jumped into this well and committed suicide,” informs a elderly local.

Letter to the archaeology department

During road containerization work being done at Lee-well in Bolar, an old well was seen suddenly. In the backdrop of the locals informing that centuries ago, there was a well here and the name for the place “Lee-well” came to this from the very well, a letter will be written to the archaeology department to provide all information regarding it – Shanady Ajit Kumar Hegde, Commissioner, MCC

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