Sudha Murty’s books to be donated to community libraries

PTI, Aug 18, 2019, 1:54 PM IST

New Delhi: A collection of all of author Sudha Murty’s works will be donated to community libraries marking her 69th birthday on Monday here, publisher Penguin Random House announced.

The set of 23 books for adults and children, collectively titled “The Sudha Murty Library”, will make it to five community libraries under The Community Library Project (TCLP).

Talking about the addition of “The Sudha Murty Library” to TCLP, Mridula Koshy, founder and director of TCLP, said that while the library project already had Murty’s books in its collection, the complete set will be a “boon to our members”.

“We curate our collection with great care and our goal is to build a collection rich in imagination and relevance to our members. Needless to say we already have titles from Sudha Murty’s collection.

“But the gift of a complete collection is a boon to our members who once they finish a book they love are quick to ask if there aren’t more like it. So many of the questions posed in her books speak to our members, and this collection will be very much at home on our shelves,” Koshy said.

Through the campaign, the publisher hoped to introduce more readers to not just the “timeless yet relevant” books, but also the “person behind the writing”.

“The books by Sudha Murty are a must read for children and adults alike. They are timeless yet relevant and are a joyful read for everyone. We are proud to publish her work and fortunate for the opportunity to widen its readership to different parts of the society.

“Sudha Murty is a literary gem whose work covers a variety of topics which are contextual and relatable. With this gesture, we are hoping more and more readers, young and old, are not only introduced to her written work but also know more about the person behind the writing,” a Penguin Random House spokesperson said.

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