“Tranche 2” to be implemented to prevent coastal erosion

ADB assisted project; work completion expected within a year at some places

Aaron D’mello, Oct 7, 2019, 1:25 PM IST

Mangaluru: The ‘Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program – Tranche 1’ under ADB to prevent coastal erosion along 300 km stretch of the coast has been completed. Tranche 2 programme is presently in progress at the cost of Rs 620.20 crore.

Due to the creation of artificial reefs, coastal erosion at some locations in Ullal has lessened. However, severe coastal erosion was experienced at Mukkacheri and Someshwar this year. Hence, in order to prevent this, 10 inshore berms at the cost of Rs 26.33 crore will be created at Someshwar along with 2 artificial reefs at the cost of Rs 104.82 crore and a seawall at Mukkacheri at the cost of Rs 22.08 crore. The work is expected to begin soon.

Under the Tranche 2 project, a retaining wall will be constructed at Yermal Tenka, 35 groyen will be constructed at Udyavara, a 4.5km long retaining wall at Kodibengre, dune construction and plantation of saplings at Kodi Kanyana, 24 groyen at Maravanthe and construction of dune and planting of saplings for the benefit of the communities at Bailuru Tambebila, Manki, Dhareshwara, Kadle Bir Kodi and Gange Kolli. Currently, all these works have begun and Rs 231.52 crore has already been spent.

One year pending!

ADB has provided the time frame form 2011 to 2020 to complete Tranche 1 and 2 projects and only 12 more months remain. The work needs to be completed by then. Rs 448.68 crore will be provided by ADB and Rs 192.07 crore will be provided by the state government for the Tranche 2 project.

Completed in Ullal

Creation of 8 inshore berms, recreation of breakwater, construction of 2 offshore artificial reefs in the middle of Ullal sea had been undertaken under the Tranche 1 project to prevent coastal erosion at Ullal at the cost of Rs 246.11 crore in 2012, and the work has been completed.

Plans for 3rd phase

The port department has planned for the development of 5.50 km stretch between Mukka-Sasihitlu and the total 12.30 km stretch between Ucchila-Kapu, Uppunda-Bijuru and Paduvari-Shiroor in Udupi district under the 3rd phase.

Work is in progress

Tranche 1 programme in connection to the prevention of coastal erosion has been completed. Tranche 2 is in progress and is expected to be completed by next September. Work at Mukkacheri will be started in a couple of days – Gopal Naik, Joint Director, Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program

Project implementation

The artificial reef will be created in the model of a breakwater with the use of stones laid parallel to the coast. The two reefs at Ullal, including the north and the south will be constructed in the sea at a distance of 600 meters from the beach. This will reduce the strength of the waves.

Seawall is nothing like a normal wall. It will be created as per the design given by marine geology specialist according to which, a geo-textile bed will be laid first. It will be covered with stones to prevent it from slipping. Later the seawall will be created by connecting the stones at the locations where the waves gather their strength thereby effectively reducing their strength.

Inshore berm involves the systematic installation of bags made of geo-textile material filled with tonnes of sand along the coast. This reduces the strength of the waves.

Groyen is the construction of a 70 meter long stone based breakwater. One side will be connected by using geo-textile bags filled with sand.

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