Trolled after Digvijaya Singh’s defeat, seer seeks go-ahead for immolation

Team Udayavani, Jun 15, 2019, 2:55 PM IST

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Trolled on social media for not going ahead with a ‘Samadhi’ after the defeat of Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate from Bhopal Digvijaya Singh as promised, Swami Vairagyanand has submitted an application to the collector of Bhopal seeking permission to immolate himself on Sunday.

In the application submitted through a lawyer on Thursday the Swami stated, “While organising a yajna hawan for the victory of Digvijaya Singh I had resolved that if Digvijaya Singh faces a defeat I will undertake a Samadhi in a hawankund (holy fire).”

“I am presently staying at Kamakhyadham and wish to undergo a Samadhi at 2.11 O’clock on June 16 to fulfill my resolve. I am confident that administration will completely cooperate with me to respect to my religious sentiments and accord sanction (to my application) while deciding a place for the same,” he said in his application.

Collector Tarun Kumar Pithode said he has written to deputy inspector general (DIG) of police, Bhopal that such a permission could not be granted to the applicant and that necessary action be taken for the safety of the applicant’s life.

Congress candidate Digvijaya Singh lost to BJP’s Pragya Thakur by a margin of about 3.60 lakh votes. During the election campaign, Swami Vairagyanand predicted Singh’s victory and said he would perform a hawan with chillies for his victory.

After Digvijaya Singh’s defeat, Swami Vairagyanand was trolled on social media for his false prediction and backing out from his resolve.

Another seer, Computer Baba aka Namdev Das Tyagi also performed religious rituals and held a roadshow in Bhopal, attended the Congress candidate on both occasions.

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