Unscientific speed breaker claims life of two-wheeler rider

Team Udayavani, Dec 12, 2018, 11:04 AM IST

Kaup: In a tragic incident a two-wheeler rider passed away due to critical head injuries sustained after he banged his head into the road divider, having lost balance off his scooter while negotiating a newly-erected speed breaker at Katpadi near here on Monday, December 10 night.

The deceased identified as Ganesh Shetty (39), a resident of Katapadi was the sole earning member of his family comprising of his widowed mother, unmarried sister, wife and two small children. 

Reportedly the accident took place at around 11 am on Monday when Ganesh was returning home from Koteshwar near Kundapur where he had been for some work. It was while negotiating the hump that he lost his balance and got thrown on to the road divider. He sustained grievous injuries to his head, face, and chest owing to the impact of the fall and passed away en route to the hospital.

Meanwhile, locals have blamed the unscientific speed breaker for this accident.

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