Vehicles leaking oil on the road; motorists face trouble

Three incidents in two weeks

Team Udayavani, Apr 13, 2019, 5:14 PM IST

Mangaluru: The instances of oil leaking from vehicles plying on the road are on the rise and consequently, motorists are experiencing much trouble due to this.  Three such incidents have occurred within two weeks in the city and the mechanics opinion that it is due to the irresponsibility of the vehicle owner. It is also being said that it could be due to the rising summer temperatures.

While in motion, the temperature of the vehicle is higher than its surrounding environment. Because of this the oil seal and the engine is hot. Because of the rise in temperature the oil seal can break will lead to oil leak. Often there are incidents occurring in the city where motorists are faced by problems due to the oil leak on the road caused by some other vehicle. On March 31st, oil leak of a KSRTC bus along the route from Jyoti circle to Lalbhag caused more than 10 two-wheeler riders to skid, fall and suffer injuries. On the same occasion, auto-rickshaw drivers exemplified humanity by filling mud in their rickshaws and then spreading it on the oil patches to prevent anymore mishaps.

In the same way on April 4th, oil leak from a lorry at Lalbhag caused a two-wheeler to skid and the resulting fall injured the rider. Meanwhile, traffic police who were at the location covered the oil patch with mud in an attempt to prevent any further accidents. On April 12th, there were many instances where several vehicles skid due to oil spilt on the road near Kadri. However, locals covered the spill with a mixture do sand and mud and normalized vehicular traffic.

Police are the protectors

Oil leaked from vehicles on the road will normally cause other vehicles to skid. On such occasions, it is the locals and the police who rush to help. There are examples where traffic policemen delivering their duty at a nearby road rushing to the incident location and then covering the oil patch with mud.

Recently, traffic policeman Shrikant prevented the occurrence of mishaps by quickly covering an oil spill caused by a vehicle with soil.


While driving or riding your vehicle you encounter oil leak, immediately stop the vehicle and call a mechanic. During summers, the possibility of oil seal breakage is higher. Sometimes, if the bolt of the oil box is loose than it can cause oil leak. Inspect before travelling.

Leak due to oil seal breakage

“During the summers, the engine temperature tends to be on the higher side. Because of this oil seals may break which will lead to oil leaks. If you in case see oil leaking, contact the nearest mechanic,” informs Rajesh Nanthoor, Mechanic

Rectify flaws

“Normally, oil leak is due to the irresponsibility of vehicle owners. The vehicle must be serviced at the right time. Any flaws in the vehicle must be repaired at the earliest,” advice’s Arun, Vehicle Driver

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