Influential people toiled for my transfer: Huluvadi G Ramesh

Bengaluru : Karnataka High Court Judge Huluvadi G Ramesh who has been transferred to Allahabad High Court stated that  the government has purposely transferred him.
During a farewell Bangalore Advocates Association organised on Friday, February 13, Huluvadi who was moved into tears while making his farewell speech said some powerful hands which were with the government had influenced his transfer and despite knowing the names that have worked for his transfer, he did not wish to publicise the names.

"As High Court Judge certain orders passed by me had caused discomfort to few people who in turn used their power to settle scores with me and get me transferred from Karnataka," he said.

A ceremonial farewell was given to him by the Full Court in the presence of all the judges and the Karnataka State Bar Council.   

Drafted by Chethana Gadiyar 

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