The newest addition to the MMNL print portfolio, Tunturu, a bi-monthly illustrated children’s magazine in Kannada, was launched in January 2000, with Ms. U. B. Rajalakshmi heading the responsibilities of the editorial team in charge of the fledgling publication. In the short time since its inception, Tunturu has been able to carve for itself an identity of being the most sought-after children’s magazine across the age-groups of 5-14 in Karnataka.

With short stories, comics, illustrated parables and mythological events adapted for children being a staple part of the rich offerings of Tunturu, today it holds a cherished position in the hearts of its young readers - a cross-section whose expectations are generally accepted to be difficult to live upto - with every edition.

With authors such as Mr. T. G. Shetty having been a part of its pages, Tunturu looks beyond the traditional fare available in print to be a source of inspiration for impressionable minds and also ensure that nourishing dollops of culture are available readily for its reader.

Over the last decade, Tunturu’s contribution to society at large has gained from strength to strength, by the efforts of the current Managing Editor Mrs. Sandhya S. Pai who nurtures the magazine to keep in tune with the desires and requirements of children in this fast-moving age, assisted as she is in the editorial responsibilities by Mr. Cheluvayya who provides the shape to her dreams for the citizens of tomorrow.

Altering its size, content and period of publication along the way to gain a better reach and with future plans of launching an English edition and increasing the focus of the content on general knowledge, it would be no tall claim to state that it is the only one in its category which always strives to put the interests of the children in Karnataka above all else.