The second-oldest publication in the MMNL print portfolio, Thushara, the literary magazine, was launched in April, 1973. Under the stewardship of Mr. Satish U. Pai, then Managing Editor, and Mr. A. Eshwaraiya, then Assistant Editor, this purely literary magazine was the first of its kind in Karnataka to have a focus on fiction as well as non-fiction in Kannada by carrying within its pages literary output ranging from short stories to articles on literature and culture in Karnataka.

Alongside contributions from the doyens of Kannada literary field such as Dr. Shivarama Karanth, Dr. Girish Karnad and Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy, for nearly four decades Thushara has been able to provide its readers rich and varied literary content from the widest range of authors, playwrights, poets and essayists in Karnataka.

In addition to original Kannada content, Thushara was also the first to recognize the desire among Kannada readers for translated literary content and has strived to provide valuable literary pieces from different languages within its pages.

While columns such as Sarasa, Mathininda Lekhanige, Sahitya Avalokana, Kannada Kathaloka, Makkala Kathe, Vishwa Kathe and Masadamathu having managed to touch the heart-strings of the Kannada reader over the years, today, under the guidance and vision of the current Managing Editor Mrs. Sandhya S. Pai ably assisted by the Editor, Mr. Udayanand Bhandari, Thushara proudly occupies the number one position among Kannada magazines in its category.

With the introduction of new content such as travel and culture writings in the form of Bharata Darshana covering the corners of the country, Thushara is the only magazine in Karnataka which aims to constantly add value to the lives of its readers every month while remaining true to its literary roots.