13 wild elephants driven to Dubare Reserve Forest

Team Udayavani, May 15, 2019, 2:10 PM IST

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Madikeri: The Forest Department has driven a herd of 13 wild elephants, which had been camping in the coffee plantations to the forest area.

It is gathered that the herd, including a calf and three male tuskers, were loitering in Abhyatmangala near Nelyahudikeri from the last few days.

The Forest Department staff on receiving the information burst firecrackers to scare the pachyderms and forced the herd to make its way into Dubare Reserve Forest area.

The operation was headed by RFO Aruna. DRFO Vilas Gowda, forest guard Charan, Forest Department staff Dharmapal, Jagadish, Albert, Vasudeva, and Rapid Response team member Aashik and Subrahmanya were present, informed sources.

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