Another patient from Tamil Nadu admitted in JIPMER with nipah virus symptoms

PTI, Jun 20, 2019, 11:36 AM IST

Puducherry: A 72-year-old patient from neighbouring Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu has been admitted to Jipmer here Monday with suspected symptoms of Nipah virus.

Samples of his body fluids have been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, for examination.

Director of Health and Family Welfare Services KV Raman told PTI Wednesday the patient was Ramalingam from Kattumannarkoil village in Cuddalore district.

He had returned from Ernakulam recently with complaints of fever and was treated at a government hospital in Cuddalore from where he was referred to Jipmer for further examination on Monday.

Raman said that this was the second case from neighbouring district admitted to Jipmer.

Earlier, Natarajan (51), who had returned to his hometown of Cuddalore from Guruvayoor, was admitted to Jipmer with the symptoms of nipah infection recently.

The test report conducted at the National Institute of Virology of the samples collected from Natarajan had tested negative.

Raman said although Natarajan tested negative for nipah virus he passed away due to ‘Japanese encephalitis’ at Jipmer despite intensive treatment on Sunday.

Raman said the government hospital here had been equipped with necessary facilities, including a special ward, to meet any exigency.

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